Woman, Amen | Dierks Bentley | Beginner Guitar Lesson


  1. Tailwind Housing

    Hey Matt, thanks for all of your lessons. I’m glad you’re feeling better!!

    I’d like to request “How great thou Art”. One of my favorite hymns that has been done by so many great artists!!

    I’ve watched most of your acoustic videos over the last year and noticed how much better and more creative you’ve gotten with your guitar… I’d like to see this particular hymn “Mccoy’ed!

  2. Grant Palmer

    Glad you're back Matt. I've been thinking about starting my own guitar youtube chanel myself. How did you start? Love your channel man

  3. aminebios

    Its time to put the guitar and play with the king hhh take care of your baby boy

  4. Titan Mike XD

    Good to see your doing well Matt.
    Gotta love those surprises when you think your kids are napping! Mine are 11,14&16 but I remember those days like they were yesterday, cherish those times as they fly by.

  5. Chad Ballew

    Believe it or not when you sing the chord changes it helps me with my timing and remembering them when I sit to play for my friends and family.

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