3 Bossa Nova Rhythm Patterns – Fingerstyle Guitar Lesson Tutorial w/ TAB


  1. Squad Car 37 Audio Productions

    Great video! Thank you for the information. I used it as a resource for a bossa nova jingle I put together for a project. Here's a link to the making of the jingle:

  2. Ádám Arany

    I'm getting more and more sad…how on earth can people play the guitar?? it seems totally impossible and incredibly complicated. there is nothing I want more than playing bossa nova but I never will be

  3. MamaMielke

    That dog be havin' some C O M F Y dreams to the tune of some beautiful bossa nova

  4. Bertiklein

    Great work. I´ve been listening and learning with pleasure. If one of you guys or gals have to tune your guitar please use this:

  5. Zeke Bourgeois

    beautiful takamine, and nice puppy. thanks for the video, on a bit of a bossa kick and trying to get the rhythms down in an effort to get away from backbeat heavy picking

  6. Ang John Syin

    It's not an E dominant 9 on the first chord, E dominant 9 is the second chord you press.
    E dominant 9 = E9.

  7. Flying Fish

    Amazing lesson! I've now got a better understanding of the Bossa Nova rhythm…many thanks

  8. attra91

    I thank you so much for taking the time to make your videos.

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