Fingerstyle Tutorial: Eye of the Tiger – Guitar Lesson w/ TAB


  1. Manu Bobo

    Haha, check the ear of the little dog at the right of the screen when he yell " WE START " at 02:58, dog seem surprised =D

    PS : Thanks a lot for this great lesson but percussions are missing :'(

  2. stephen prince

    The way u played it….. was good in the start. inspired me to learn this song bruh <3 . Thank you. Master !

  3. Vinayak Giri

    Please make different channel and make covers like Sunga jung or Igor .. my friend u ll be an instant hit … what I meant is you are an incredible performer so plz perform .. the whole World is waiting ..

  4. ThePvides

    Great! Best guitar tutorials on YouTube. Never stop, dude. You are an inspiration for manh

  5. Molig

    Great fingerstyle and lesson, i will learn it ^^ thank u !
    (I play with the little finger of the right hand on the guiter too 🙂

  6. BT Million

    What is that stop that he makes in the middle of the song every two seconds called?

  7. Joan A

    love how you use the dog as a stand for your elbow. Haaaa…

  8. Mike Wroe

    Great lesson, thanks man! means that me and my 9 year son can play an excellent version of it… him on the drums. We love the dogs too!

  9. Brendan Fly

    I picked up this song in less then an hour. Ur tutorial is so good thanks man!

  10. Buck Sellers

    For some odd reason when I listen to this I want to  go jogging up some steps….I don't have a clue why….Then maybe punch some dead cows ??  …I don't get it either….Who knows?….then when I go to sleep I wake up screaming Yo  Adrianne !! Yo  Adrianne !! ….I guess I'm just mental…..LMAO

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