Get Your Funk Guitar Happening


  1. Samuel Naidu

    When I mute the strings with my left hand, I'm still getting harmonics/sound when I strum, instead of getting that dead muted sound. Anyone got any advice?
    Tomo Fujita says that happens if you mute with one finger along the strings, so try using 2 fingers, but that's not always possible if you're holding the chord down. I noticed Mike gets the mute sound while having his fingers in the same position for the chord, just lifting off the strings to mute.
    Why am I still getting sound coming out?…

  2. Foottapiologist

    No need for morning coffee, just take a peek at what Mike is up to on his channel. Never a dull moment

  3. shawnzayn_

    There's actually a lesson by Guthrie Govan about that tricky right hand thing and if I'm not mistaking he calls them 32nd notes, but they do sound like triplets. Great lesson Mike, really helpful (and fun) as always 🎸

  4. Puneet Wagh

    Hey Mike! So I play without a pick and the loose right hand/wrist is something I've always had trouble with. Any tips to work on that?

  5. Nicho

    Nice one Mike, funk is one of my favourite genres!!

  6. Wilson

    Im so thankful you did this Tutorial. Thank you very much …help me alot. I love you Man!

  7. Rory Jackson

    You should really do a cover of “Love me” by the 1975. It’s quite a funk- orientated song. There’s also a great solo in it. Some great tips in this video mate! Cheers!

  8. Charles Welles

    Hi Mike! I initially found your channel by searching for how to play guitar like a drummer, and your lesson came up. I loved it. I’ve enjoyed all your videos tremendously, but I’ve been waiting for you to share more stuff like this. This is a gold mine—Thank you! I loved that you referenced Rude Mood. Could you do a video where you share how this type of rhythmic grooving can be applied to the blues? Thanks so much!!!

  9. thiethie

    Don’t you mean:”it’s a get your funk guitar happening thing”?

  10. Ivar Janson

    Pretty funky. Think you could do a "It's a Keith Richards thing" sometime? Also, how do you keep your hair out of your face?

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