How to know what finger to use – Guitar mastery lesson


  1. HeavyInstinct

    I'm kind of surprised you didn't talk about the fingering for a whole tone followed by a semitone. I find I tend to vary my fingering on this shape depending on where I am on the fretboard or what type of lick I'm playing. For example if I'm playing around the 5th fret or lower I will typically play this shape with my first third and fourth fingers. But if I'm up at say the 12th fret or so I will often use my first second and third fingers. Also sometimes I'm playing a lick where the whole tone and semitone is followed by another whole tone on the same string. In this situation regardless of where I am on the fretboard I'm typically going to play the whole tone semitone shape or root>2nd>minor 3rd, using my first second and third fingers in order to free up my pinky to hit that perfect 4th interval a whole step higher.

    I used to agonize over this thinking that I needed to be consistent with it. Now I just do whatever feels right for the situation. I think I've seen you address this before but I'm not sure.

  2. Zelomeister

    Ugh, I can never seem to master any fretting/speed techniques……do you know what finger I'm using right now Claus? LOL

  3. Oletta Liano

    This is interesting. I don't really pay much attention to what my fretting hand is doing. I just let it run wild and it does whatever is easiest to get the notes I want to play.

  4. Francisco José Suárez Medina

    hahaha first comment! Claus! what about weird combinations/ positions in order to obtain unusual sounds? also I want to know your pov about modern bands and how to work this kind of techniques and aproachs. thanks for your wisdom 😉

  5. James Scott

    "How to know what finger to use"
    The one that works best for the situation. 😀

    Sounds like this will be a fun vid!

    Well, that was a good one. I pretty much agree with all your points. I tend to play in the "blues" style, favoring the first three fingers, but I also make much use of my pinky when the need arises. I also spend time in practice everyday doing some specific pinky exercise for 5 mins just to balance the fact that it does get used less in play.

    Good stuff, Claus.

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