Neo Classical Chord Progressions – Neo Classical Academy Lesson 4


  1. Guitaristleader Guitaristleader

    You r wonderful …in explaining …but support ur lesson with the cords in bords like when ur moving just put a picture related to the cords that ur move to …and thank u appriciated …ur the only one that people can really understand ur lucture …go a ahead and wish u the prosperity in ur life …dear.

  2. B Gelber

    This is my favorite video! I really like your improvisation. Many thanks!

  3. Jackson Figueroa

    I am impressed by the theme and its execution, I am interested in the neo classic. It's an Alhambra guitar, what model is it? The top is solid spruce?

  4. Paityn Clarke

    Your instructional videos are my new favorite thing on YouTube! Thanks for the expertise

  5. Bill Van Lammeren

    Claus you are fantastic. I have learned so much and I have been playing the guitar for 53 years. I thank you.

  6. rajan masih

    Loved this video. Sounds very sweet and touches the soul. Thanks so much

  7. Steve 'EM all

    Very cool lesson, Love the way you teach. But i have to ask you something, what guitar is that?

  8. Димитър Димитров

    I have a question. Why do you start playing from G to E, instead of A to F on the A minor chord? Is there a reason behind this or you randomly picked a note from the scale and started playing?

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