Soulful Funky Groove | Guitar Backing Track Jam in E Minor


  1. Elevated Jam Tracks

    Please forgive me for the little incorrect Em at 0:06, it should say Bm7. I was very tired when I edited this! 😅
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    Thanks for dropping by and happy jamming!

  2. Ryan Jones

    I am kinda a neophyte, but I would like to break out of E Aeolion in other keys and modes during voice leading ( playing B Aeolion on Bm7 chords, or B Dorian maybe, but just on that chord alone for spice). I cannot do this live, and have to study the backing track to find my tonics. Is this acceptable, or do professional musicians improvise this way live? I am trying to learn to do it by ear, but I feel I am a long way off from that 🙂

  3. Creatch77

    Pure silk baby pure silk. Thanks again for turning this rhythm player into a lead player.

  4. Exzavior Williams

    Where do you get your thumbnails? Are they real guitars, ive seen some really badass and beautiful ones

  5. Zach Young

    Thank you for continually dropping new tracks. Your efforts are not going unnoticed.

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