Blues Guitar Lesson – Stevie Ray Vaughan Inspired Turnaround –


  1. nevets18d

    I'd like to learn the licks that you play after the chord. I think you play thos very well.

  2. ryan terry

    lol. one year ago people were saying vote for him so he can play with clapton. i think we should all vote for him for president. lol

  3. alkalynn1

    KEEP VOTING FOR MARTY! Help him out to play with Clapton–>
    Check out his vid for instructions

  4. uncunabula

    @tvicena Thanks man but I much prefer living in Spain. Nothing personal mind you, but for me the quality of life here is, well just more my style I guess. Thanks for the reply.



  5. uncunabula

    Great And I mean GREAT lesson Marty but DANG "Valid only to legal United States residents" for the line 6 deal. I SO want that pedal so rember there is a world outside of the U. S. of A. ¡¡¡Gracias!!!

  6. 170bcuda

    What about a give' away promo for that divided by 13 amp ??? Great lesson Marty… Thanks!!!!

  7. chinacat63

    Hey Marty,
    If that Line 6 has a good Mutron/Qtron sound, maybe you could do a Grateful Dead or Jerry Garcia song to demo it. Deadheads are always on a quest to simulate that Garcia wah… think Shakedown Street, Estimated Prophet, Fire on the Mountain.

  8. 5150WOOHOO

    Its about time theres a normal size guitarist. looking at zakk wylde and steve vai and jimmy page. everyones over six feet. haha. awesome.

  9. jjulch

    awesome vid again Marty! What is the line six plugged into on the output?

  10. Stratomacaster

    Hey Marty. Great lesson. I know you've probably covered some rake techniques in the past (buried somewhere in your bazillion videos), but it would make for a good review – even if it's just a brief tutorial on practice techniques for it. I'm still having some trouble getting it to sound right every time.

    Cheers. Keep on voting!

  11. Adarsh Nednur

    I'd love some Jimi Hendrix lessons Marty! Pwetty Pwease? Maybe Foxey Lady or something? Or some Led Zeppelin? You know I love to get the Led out!

  12. BlackAngusYoung

    Yeah, that's too bad it's only for U.S. citizens (too bad for me anyways; Good luck Americans.)
    Is that just a Line6 thing or is it the same for Marty's other give-aways too?

  13. AB4UK74

    I was wondering if you could do a lesson on what modes Jerry Garcia soloed in. He has such a distinct style. I love it.

  14. RamblinAround

    Hey Marty, do you have any clue how many songs you actually know at this time? I think it's amazing what you have in the old mental database.

  15. WesFR

    I'm afraid that contest is only available for people from the USA, or am I wrong?

  16. TheBlack9999

    dude that was unreal can you make a vid on jimmy inspired stuff or john mayer

  17. caddis05

    A looper?

    A looper, you know, a caddy, a looper, a jock. So, I tell them I'm a pro jock, and who do you think they give me? The Dalai Lama, himself. Twelfth son of the Lama.

    Well played Mr. Schwartz, well played.

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