Blues Rock Lead Guitar Lesson – Blues Guitar Lesson – Guitar Tricks 49


  1. hawg427

    Great Blues Lick man. I wish youtube had a feature like some of the audio recorders there out there that can slow down a video for us slow learners. LOL

  2. Jason Silver

    gibsons are much better then fenders and paul reed smiths!Higher quality and vintage tone ftw!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. Rezoan Ratul

    Great Stuff Man! Umm could you do a lesson on a (whammy bar faker/simulator/drive) trick on a Les Paul(with no whammy bar)..that would be really helpful.

  4. minion050

    Great lesson Neal! Do you think you could do one on tapping? Thanks!

  5. Christopher Schlegel

    Nice presentation of a classic blues lick. FWIW I like your tone much better in this lesson than the usual ultra-high gain tone. 🙂 Good job, Neal!

  6. kraM1t

    Good job Neal, always enjoy your lessons.
    Think we could get some lessons on a Synyster Gates kinda' style?
    I hear he uses a lot of Phyrigan and Dorian but I can't seem to work it out.
    I got the pentatonics and natural minor down though 😉


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