Born In Chicago – Paul Butterfield Revisited


  1. markyeeee

    They are a good band…I like the original better but the harp player and guitarist are good

  2. tom richardson

    Saw Paul and his band at a college concert in the 70s.
    James Montgomery was on the bill with him.
    A back-bone twisting show.

  3. Duffy Sullivan

    Thanks guys! I was a junior in high school 1965 when Butter's first LP came out. I was totally blown away with it and when I got wind of them coming to the San Francisco Bay area to perform I knew I couldn't miss it!

    It may have been 1966. I was expecting Sam Lay to be on drums, but he had been replaced by Billy Davenport. Every one else Was there though. Paul, Mike Bloomfield, Elvin Bishop Jerome Arnold. I heard they were playing in the Fillmore district, but back then that was a rough part of town for a lone white boy. So I opted to see them in Berkeley instead. It was some auditorium on the UC campus.

    I went by myself. The first thing I remember seeing was this lone Hells Angel standing under a strobe light swinging a motor cycle chain around. Up on stage was the opening act, a local group called The Jefferson Airplane. It was before Grace Slick had joined the band so there was another gal singing with them. I believe she is on their first LP The Jefferson Airplane Takes Off.

    Finally Butterfield and the boys filed on stage. What a night! I had never experienced anything like it. Bloomfield and Butterfield trading licks, they blew the roof off that place!

    After that East West came out, but I never warmed up to it like I did to Born In Chicago, Shake Your Money Maker, and the other great tracts on that first LP.

  4. 1022rebelreddog

    jimmie vivino was on the the cover of vintage guitar magazine ,  he is a great guitarist….  tone touch and taste.

  5. shootnwhiners

    All of these players need to listen to the original. Close but sure no cigar boys! Sorry

  6. Thing 1

    Thnks for this! Im currently doing a Blues essay on its history and this really hlped!!! x

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