Chicago Blues Backing Jam Track (C)


  1. Donald Elston

    Yeah! Another good one for my flute playlist. I feel like one of the blues brothers!!!!! Smokes , half a tank of gas, sunglasses, let's roll!!!!!

  2. Iain Thompson

    I love listening to the whammy madness of your strat but man its good to hear the Les Paul again.

  3. Kevin Hunt

    Love to mix it up with you Jacob! Thanks so much! I hope my fellow apartment dwellers like it as much as we do!

  4. Daniel Armbruster

    I think I never clicked on a video this fast. I just Love Buddy Guy ^^
    And my guitars even are 18000km away from me

  5. Steve Douglas

    "Never a dull moment when it comes to Quist. He'll surprise with a smile, a new line, or new twist. Like the lifting of a fog that leaves moisture on your face, his music sticks with you — I rest my case."

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