Chord Tones vs Color Tones


  1. bdreg

    Thanks Rick! I've been working on something similar recently with a Mixolydian vamp, it feels good to practice this sort of thing in minor. You're the guy when I need some soul groove!

  2. ciclosonico

    Another amazing, simple, useful, tasty lesson.
    Bravo Rick, you're one of my reasons to stay on YouTube. Ciao!

  3. tweed guitar

    I noticed BB King over your right shoulder, when I was thinking of him, so I thought I should ask you. Do you teach BB Kings approach to note choices when soloing ?

  4. Vincent Vasectomy

    I sometimes think about what you are doing in this video. I don’t have your robust understanding of music theory although I do understand the intervals as well as the general idea of the modal playing.
    But despite that I instantly recognize what you are doing! I actually do some of that myself when I’m improvising. I did not know that there was a way to systematically describe what’s going on before seeing this! The way I describe this if someone asks is that I make an analogy between notes/tones and language.
    If I want to emphasize how serious I am about something in a conversation, I let that show by how I use my voice melodically to convey the message.
    Said another way, if I am super happy telling some good news to a friend I would sound different in the tonality of my voice compared to giving them bad news.

    But the epiphany for me here is that the words exchanged in both conversations could potentially be exactly the same, or maybe come in another order using a different way to emphasize each individual word. But it’s the same letters making up those individual words.

    Anyhow I wish I had the same ability to control the tonality while playing guitar as I do when I have conversations. Playing guitar this is not a conscious choice, it depends on my general mood. When I’m having a conversation I can deliberately plan in advance how I want someone else to perceive what I’m trying to convey.

    Good stuff and thank you. My quest to understand how all this works continues!

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