Chura liya hai tumne (Tabs + solo ) guitar lesson for beginners |


  1. Sameena Kausar

    Since you are such a good guitarist and a good teacher too,can I request you to post Badtameez Dil notations video please?I haven't seen you replying back to any of the comments posted ,however I would definitely be waiting for you to oblige my request.Thank you !

  2. Sameena Kausar

    Hi Tamal ! You play really good and are a good teacher too. Request you to kindly display the notations on the screen please so that it becomes easy for us to follow your tutorial.Thanks a lot !

  3. Cp Singh

    you have taught very finely and in very detail. anybody can understand. from cp singh

  4. Anuraag N.

    Great tutorial this and your intro tutorial made me and my parents very proud

  5. Deepak Kumar

    i m sorry tamal.. I actually see your video and approx all i ve seen, but afraid that techniques are not so simple..But I like whateva you play…
    and i also want ro b a guitarist like you.. pls continue unloading as u r mh inspiration..

  6. saqib Butt

    Sir please Upload A Electric solo of Bhula dena Plz Sir I want to learn . :/

  7. Ahsan Bayzid

    where i am from topher mohr and alex elena — please upload​ this music's guitar lesson

  8. Gulbuddin Dewan

    Please do a tutorial on aankhon hi aankhon mein by mohit chauhan…! You can include the licks and solos if you want 😍😍

  9. Deepjyoti Bhowmik

    Sir please upload the intro riff of Oh Oh jaane jaane song…lots of videos r there in youtube but those are not appropriate…pls sir 👏😃

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