Fender Stratocaster E Series MIJ – Video 2 Repair Work Overview


  1. The Goodest Dude

    I have the same MIJ strat as this except mine is candy red. It has the exact same issue with the selector switch where there's some static/screeching noise as I operate the switch. Was the fix for you just to clean the traces and the internal contacts or was there a specific issue you had to correct in the switch? The solder seems to look fine, but would you recommend replacing the solder on the connections and the ground?

    Thank you for your advice, this video really helped me learn more about my MIJ strat.

  2. Matt Allen

    Very nice chap …. nice guitar. They hold a bit more value here in the UK I'd say. I guess that's because we don't have teh loyalty to the USA build and they sound excellent! Subbed for hopefully many more videos.

  3. TheCubasy

    I'm restoring an old E-series Stratocaster from the '80s and I'm curious if you know what the output is on the old E-series pickups? I'm debating whether it's worth the time/money hunting down old E-series pickups, or if I should just stick to the vintage-spec alnico pickups I've currently got because I much prefer low-output pickups. Thanks! I enjoy your videos. : )

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