Forget Strumming Patterns | Beginner Guitar Lesson


  1. Nicholas Paul

    love the videos brother! you should make a video on Beautiful Crazy – Luke Combs

  2. Busking with Pete

    Thanks mate great video . I struggle with strum patterns down up down up lol so I agree just keep in time and go with it and find your own way etc …

    I also have a channel if you would like to check out it’s called busking with pete . I’ve wrote a few songs etc just putting my music out their 🙂

    Keep up the good work mate 🙂

  3. Genna Webster

    Hey Matt can you possibly do Pickup Man by Joe Diffie…and I love watching your channel I'm 15 and it really helps!?

  4. Zack Avila

    Hey Matt you should teach Drunk Me by Mitchell Tenpenny. Love your lessons!

  5. patriotGamer23

    You have taught me so much. Can you do Simple by Florida Georgia Line? It sounds like a pretty good song.

  6. RaginMoose100

    Your videos are the best man! They've really helped me this past 4 months learning guitar! God Bless!!!

  7. Yorkslad

    Yet more great advice. Love your videos, thanks for sharing your time with us

  8. Cody Ekholm

    Hey Matt. I feel like this video has helped me more than anything. And not just because of your advice with strumming. But you said you play better without a guitar pick. I have been having such a hard time with strumming. Especially up strums. I tried it without a pick today and I was able to play a lot better. Thank you so much for saying that and for all the videos you put out there. I love your content and the idea behind the videos. Thank you

  9. Lonnie Christopher

    …yahhh….good points….the rhythm comes out of the individual, and so, how individuals will express that- varies, especially so if they are a solo singer….I've listened to a basic strumming pattern…full strum….vs… a choppy, but more individually expressed strum….they sound DIFFERENT, but not necessarily one better than the other….You can find examples on the 'net…A guy will be fully strumming a song, and you will notice yourself getting bored with the pattern….It's a full strum, but not personalized…… it almost gets philosophical…

  10. W Savage

    Yes. I like that hat too! Like to have a white one with pink or black with pink. Great video. Still trying to learn that.

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