Guitar Lesson: Lodi, CCR (Fogerty Leads)


  1. Dizzy Williams

    hi mate,,,thanx for your work,,i just watched a video of him "unplugged" and he was using those shapes but sounded like Bflat,,,tuning down still? i used your shapes and dropped the guitar down to d ,,worked a charm,,,ha ,,,,finally !

  2. tomk1tl

    Good going Hoodrio…just got back into guitar and CCR was one of my favorite  groups. I pretty much played this from the recorded version (Bb).  Nice Tele'…..I got an  American Tele' (1985) and just picked up a Princeton Reverb amp…got a re-issue as they want an "arm 'n a leg" for the originals.  I do all my electronic work too (ex ET).  Keep 'em coming !

  3. Bill Norman

    Great job explaining the different chord shapes and nuances JF uses to make this song so great. But it would be so much more helpful if you ran through the song once, either at the beginning or the end of the lesson. Thanks!

  4. Daniel

    hey hoodrio, could you maybe do a lesson on green river?

  5. Percy DMello

    Many Thanks for the nice instructions on this CCR song 'Lodi'…it's one one of my favourite. ..

  6. GIB

    what an EXCellent lesson my man. One word to desribe this lesson: T-H-O-R-O-U-G-H

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