How to Play “Take on Me” on Guitar by a-Ha


  1. SupremeSavvy

    hey marty! I would like to make a song request When I Come Around by Green Day please can u do it!?!?!

  2. Tim Harder

    Viewing all of your stuff Marty! Any chance you could put up a lesson on "Sometimes I Pray " – Jacob Bryant & Josh Phillips

  3. Diana K

    never really liked that song but the acoustic version actually sounds really pretty😁 I'm glad that i gave it a try
    could you also make a video on how to play the dead man theme by neil young :D? unfortunately there aren't many tutorials on that on yt

  4. Micah Ortega

    Can you please do a lesson on the new guns n Rose's song shadow of your love.

  5. GamingSir

    Marty!! Please give a lesson about Zooster Breakout (Madagascar) from Hans zimmer

  6. Bleb

    miiiiiiiiiiine diiiiiiiiaaammmmooooooooonnnnddddssss

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