How to Sing Your Lines While Improvising – Jazz Guitar Vlog


  1. Jay DeLuca

    Interesting video, Marc! Not an easy topic, but important. No lesser jazz master than Herb Ellis suggested that most of the great jazz guitarists he knew sang as they improvised, including Joe Pass, Barney Kessel, and of course George Benson. He strongly advised guitarists to adopt that approach. I find that truly scatting every note is too taxing as you pointed out. But one approach is to "sing" aloud or mentally the first note of each measure, like a short hand target tone thing. Almost like singing the first and last note and allowing your subconscious to "connect the dots".

  2. Aidan Gribbin

    Jazz tourettes? It's not contagious is it?
    As ever, a nice breezy relaxed mini masterclass. Great insights Marc!

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