Jack Johnson – Upside Down – Acoustic Guitar Lesson With Michael Casswell Licklibrary


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    Hi Bryan Montgomery, Michael isn't playing any extra notes, he lifts his fingers slightly off for a split second deadening the sound of the strings to create that Jack Johnson sounding rhythm and accenting the chord being played. Hope that makes sense? Give us a message back if not.

  2. Bryan Montgomery

    Hey so I just started playing and this is one of the songs that I HAVE to learn. You mention that there are two chords in particular that are emphasized in the beginning of this video after the strum pattern, but between strums you were moving your fingers for a split second and placing them back in the same spot and it looked like you were changing notes. Were these in fact different notes or were they a way to lengthen the sound of the vibration. Between 2:00 and 2:03 is a perfect example.

  3. I'mThinking

    I personally find it hard to make the same percussive sounds without a pick -.-, I hate using picks lol

  4. 94benk

    How do you play the guitar melody before each verse?

  5. joe dixon

    There's a kid in my school called Jack Johnson lol, nice video anyway

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