Lesson 2: “COUNTRY ROAD” (standard) – Official James Taylor Guitar Lessons


  1. taxisteve929

    Nice….but what happened to the bridge? lol….play forever!! Always loved JT's music!!!

  2. Keith Schneller

    Dear James – I have always been a fan of yours and and am so happy to have discovered your youtube lessons.  You are a great diplomat of American folk music.  Thanks so much for sharing!!!  I love listening to the pure guitar sound of these lessons!

  3. Dave Davis

    did you always position your d and a chords like that when you began playing or did you change later at some point in your career?  thanks for posting!

  4. Mark McPeak

    Thanks JT for all the wonderful music to the world and thank you again for sharing it through instruction.

  5. Rick

    How awesome is that. We just got a lesson from one of the greatest musicians ever. Thanks James for taking the time to share you knowledge. Your music has been a part of my life, starting when my dad sang it to me as a little kid. Some of my best memories in life are surrounded by your music. Thank you for that.

  6. Eve-Ellen Cole

    Not sure it will help me. but I just love the camera placement of these shots!!! From within the instruments? So cool!! 🙂

  7. Michael Grylin

    Do you mind if i post my country roads take me home fingerpicking here? Btw, great job

  8. Bryan Dunn

    Does anyone know the bridge chord?? "I guess my feet know where"….my ear hasnt quite got it..


    Thanks mr taylor in mexico loves you brear music full of good remembers

  10. 1onlyphil

    Thank You so much Mr.James Taylor. Sharing your music all these years and now sharing yourself as a teacher on video. I don't know what to say about all this, but you are one AWESOME dude!!! Fan for Life …………. sorry for the way I butcher your songs on my videos, best I can do : (

  11. Michael Rigby

    Thanks for the videos James, great stuff!
    What is that microphone in front of the guitar?
    Does anybody know? It looks like a Rode K2, but I don't think it is…

  12. kevinb2014

    He uses Olson guitars (James A. Olson). $15k a pop (drool!). 9 month waiting list (due in large part to how popular Olsons became when Taylor started playing them!)

  13. jwebbw

    One thing about James' playing style is that it stands alone and needs no other accompaniment….in other words, its full sounding….then add the tenor voice and you can't help but to give a listen….toodles….

  14. quad1000

    well it doesn't get any closer than that, does it! Thanks James.

  15. stringdreamer

    There's just nothing like having the songwriter himself show you how to play a song. That quirky index fingering makes some of the live playing I've seen you do make a lot more sense. Thanks so much for this, and by the way, my brother is a dead ringer for you (but not his guitar playing!)

  16. battlefield105

    @musicman69123 James plays Olsen (Olson?) guitars from the Minneapolis/ St. Paul, MN area. They are unreal! And very difficult to get… 🙂

  17. wtsgnon

    Wow!I cant believe this!!I came on here to find a cover to learn from and i get this.What a great surprise!Thanks James.!!I cant get over this!!!

  18. marcusuzilevsky

    Hi James ,
    Love this song man !
    And going to share guitar lesson with my daughter guy !

    Merry Christmas !

  19. Grover Duffield

    I have seen Mr Taylor in concert I dont know how many times. But it is a blessing to hear him play and sing. I perform myself and have covered quite a few of his songs in my own finger picking style, but getting to see these videos is the greatest gift anyone could have given me! Thank You So Much!!!!

  20. DieselTube

    Wow. I can't believe I never saw your channel before. I scour the web for videos of lessons on your songs, and here you are, giving lessons yourself. You're an inspiration, James. Your music has a direct line to my soul. I just always feel something when I listen to your songs. Thank you for filling the world with so many moving melodies and lyrics.

    – David

  21. Ellen Baartmans

    rea james Thank you I am going to watch this again later, thanks for giving these guitar lessons my name is Ellen

  22. Ellen Baartmans

    rea james Thank you I am going to watch this again later, thanks for giving these guitar lessons my name is Ellen

  23. Staffan Svahn

    Wow! This is really great! Love the camera inside the guitar. Very instructional.
    Thank you for posting this jewel!
    best wishes

  24. Bill Gammill

    James, thank you so much for posting this. Very generous of you to share your technique.

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