Strumming Advancement Steps | Beginner Guitar Lesson | Matt McCoy


  1. Chad Green

    Hey Matt. Question: what gauge string do you suggest?? I have just put 11 gauge elixers on now but seems to take away tone of my Taylor. Whatta u think? It came with 12 gauge.

  2. janie utley

    Matt of all the things u have taught me the palm mute is turning out to be difficult for me I just can't seem to pick it up can u tell me what I'm doing ago gπŸ€”πŸ€”πŸ˜₯😣

  3. Mike Roth

    As a father of two and a grandfather of one, I my self love hearing the kids singing in the background.

  4. W Savage

    Thanks for the lesson and the word. You sure look like your feeling better! Those little ones are great. They grow fast. Don't blink! LOL

  5. Morris W

    great song you made can I just have the lyrics to that song I want to play it at church I am the worship leader at the church I go to I been playing guitar for 21 years I love how your videos are easy and helpful but I really like this song of yours and I want to play it at church I don't want to steal your song but I really want to play it I just want the lyrics so i can play it

  6. Robert Haley

    Just want you to know how much of inspiration you are to me I don't have a guitar at the moment I'm saving to get one.. Hope to be playing again! Love all your videos!

  7. 2drsdan

    Hey Matt, I have a couple of video's for you and that little one, consider this.
    Perfect pitch can be taught but only to the very young.


    God bless.

  8. Chad Green

    Matts got a ton of patience. My Dad woulda tanned my butt! How times are different. Such a good dude.

  9. CrazyLists

    Awesome!!! Glad your feeling better , Crazy how strong prayers work!!…His attitude is so catchy love people like that

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