Tutorial: Love Story (Sungha Jung’s Arr.) – Guitar Lesson w/ TAB


  1. Tom Shinji

    Fantastic lesson from a fantastic guitar player. Ignore the negative comments your incredible. Thanks again.

  2. rishabh garg

    bro it was an awesome lesson but i think you have to work on the presentation of your tabs i found it difficult to understand

  3. Blaine Griffin

    it's perfect. I've already started making my own songs just from doing a few of your lessons πŸ™‚

  4. Blaine Griffin

    love your videos man! I just started doing fingerstyle and I've already gotten so much better from doing this and stand by me lesson. You make it so easy with the tab breakdown and the tabs on screen! thanks a lot good sit

  5. shreyash petkar

    plz make sure ur camera I placed right front of where u r placing chords. I am unable to see strings clearly.

  6. Arvin Laxamana

    thank you for teaching this fingerstyle arrangement … please arrange let her go by passenger πŸ™‚

  7. Adrian D

    I love what you do, your amazing!! I beg of you to make a finger style tutorial for With or Without You by U2.. It is an amazing song πŸ™‚

  8. Vanna

    Hi there, just wanted to say your lessons are really helpful! Thanks! Especially the beginner fingerstyle tutorial and mistakes!
    I was also going to ask if you would be able to do a tutorial for state of grace (fingerstyle – Jonathan Tiong cover)? Please, please, please!

  9. richie1317

    Cant Help Falling In Love With You- Richard Marx
    I Love your teaching and will support you once I get a job

  10. Antonchichik

    Can you, please, learn and teach us Superstition (Sungha Jung's arrangement)?

  11. Martin Ladia

    next up is thousand years by christina perri(sungha jung arrangement) plssss….!!!!

  12. AxL MarK

    @LickNRiff – Free Guitar Education shall i call you my Master.. I learned already three fingerstyle songs and its all because of you.. Now I found new wonder in my guitar. Thank you very much…. Can U make an arrangement of Santana`s Smooth for my birthday.. please..? Again thank you very much and more more power.

  13. karukaru kurakura

    I'm learning a lot of fingerstyle because of you,,,thank you for that,,by the way can you play thousand years (sungha jung arrangement) plzzzzz:))

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