Walk This Way – Intro, Riffs, 1st Solo (Guitar Lesson with TAB)


  1. David Parry

    Jamming your tail end off. Awesome man, sounded really good. Thank you 😀

  2. TIMO

    I hope this doesn’t make me sound old but it seems like a lot today’s rock guitarist aren’t “funky” and most of their playing doesn’t swing like this.

  3. Wayne Johnson

    Great video Mark! Learned this some time ago but never could get the solos over the E chord, just do my own thing instead.

  4. Tom Acosta

    Great choice Mark. You nailed it. The funky bit is a bit of a finger twister. Go Tigers!

  5. Keef

    Nailed it Mr. Zabel-both the playing and the tone are on point! Have you performed this number on stage?

  6. Andrew Paton

    Hi Mark thanks , you're right , this is one riff where you've got to dive right in ! as soon as you think about it you've
    had it .

  7. Michael Mendillo

    Boy, there's an all time classic ! Lol !!! Joe Perry baby,,,lots of feel to his stuff ! Sounds great ! Great job as always Mark,,,Thank you Sir ! You can go fishing now,, lol !!! 😁🖒🎸🎣

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