Acoustic Blues Guitar Turnaround Lesson


  1. Robert Presley

    Thanks for sharing your secrets, Brandon. You're very generous.It's very helpful. I bought several online blues lessons, but yours are most helpful. I'll visit your site;

  2. Brandon Reeves

    Hi. I don't have these in tablature, but I could do that for you. I have a tip jar on my website (brandon reeves music dot com). If you wanted to make a donation, then I'd be happy to email you the tabs. Send me your email address in a private message.

  3. flipspiceland64

    I have a learning disability and cannot understand what your fingers are doing and simultaneously what you're saying quickly enough to 'get it'.

    Do you have tabs for sale on these turnarounds?

    They're really good and versatile, so i'd like to learn them.

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