Blues Lick: T-Bone Walker Style (Guitar Lesson BL-504)


  1. Beyond the Record

    I'm forcing my self to listeni to the lick in the first few seconds, learn it and THEN go for the note to note explanation. It realy works on developing the ear!!!! :DDDD

  2. Eric Hobbs

    Thanks Justin, your the best! I never actually use these licks, I just take the ideas and play around with them. This one, however I really like. Since you can only use it over the A chord it's training my ear to really listen to what section the sequence is on.

  3. JimitriG

    I only come here to watch the first 15 seconds of these videos to hear the cool licks because I don't have time to practice. srs

  4. M.T.G

    Thanks, this lick just wasted my morning off  haha ! 😉 

  5. bprdn 08

    Really appreciate the great work with the lessons Justin. Am a big fan!!

  6. MarcBrewer

    And then learn to play it behind your head whilst doing the splits for the full T-Bone effect.

  7. Brian K

    Man Justin you're really covering all the bases! Keep at it!

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