El Marabino | Antonio Lauro | NBN Guitar


  1. joshua rogers

    Kia ora koutou! This piece has been heavily requested since I started back in 2016 so finally here it is. I love Venezuelan guitar music – how about you? Don't forget to subscribe and smash the like button. Let your fingers fly!

  2. ahmed atef

    I have a request for some pieces though the are advanced pieces so the are no tutorials for them on youtube
    1.lament by Andrew York
    2.libre tango by astor piazolla
    3. concerto de aranjuez
    4.amante bu juan martin
    I won't stop writing i have a book of lists 😂
    And even notes for pieces like those aren't found for free.
    Sorry for the headache 😞

  3. ahmed atef

    Josh dude you are the best!
    The tutorials on this channel is unique as they are not on any other channel

  4. Rauf Heydarzade

    VERY beautiful.
    Hey Joshua why dont you do tutorial video on F.Chopins prelude in E minor.
    That would very awesome from your side. Cheers.)

  5. PandaPo0ontang

    Great stuff – sounds like a relaxed morning on the beach. Looking forward to the tutorial!

  6. Malie Az

    Josh you keep surprising us with these wonderful pieces! Im having a hard time keeping up with it. Lol thank you.

  7. Bogumił Rylewicz

    This is the first time I have listened to this music. A very beautiful and merry piece. Excellent performance, as always.

  8. Ukuden Friend

    😭😭😭 I love this piece, I've been waiting for you to upload it. Thanks! ❤️

  9. Comfy Womfy

    Aye up, that looks fiddly 😁 Im looking forward to learning it. As with most of the stuff you post dude , with me still being pretty new to classical guitar, I’ve never heard this piece but it’s beautiful. Thanks mate for introducing me to the world of classical guitar. I actually fell out of love somewhat with the guitar, probably for about 10 years or so until I found your channel a couple of years back. You inspired me to pick it back up and for that I’m super grateful. Just thought I’d kiss your backside a little there fella, haha. Stay safe bro.

  10. Ony Roman

    Nice song, very relaxing. Do you have a tutorial for it or will you be making one?

  11. michal hasson

    I can hear this piece all day long.. 🙂
    By the way, would you make a tutorial for Pegao by Jose Feliciano?

  12. Valerie Sadhoo

    Such a nice piece, made me smile! …and, another one for my practice repertoire!! Thanks, Josh.

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