Guitar Lesson! Ramblin Blues Guitar Lesson In Open G. Messiah Plays Ramblin Blues In Open G!


  1. Cade Mcquade

    So Charles Manson said No sense makes sense so Messiahsez says if you don't know shit your really know alot of shit. Am I nearer to ascension or at least enlightened yet?

  2. Wladimir Tayninskiy

    Holy Crap !!! I had no idea you could so clearly play the lesson! A lot of chips and tricks that I have ever really liked !!!

  3. Joe B

    Hey yay a new video!!! Thanks messiahsez, I've been missing you, im glad i got to see you this morning, i really enjoyed the video much love from GA

  4. Music Letters

    Hey Man, how are you doing? Is there something else I can do for your movie? I promote on social media but it seems like drop in the ocean 🙁 What else can I do?

  5. Raamie DarkThorn

    I had this on in the background while I was practicing my speed on Bass, your voice is calming to me Grandpappy

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