Guitar Lessons – Alice in Chains – Rooster – How to Play on Guitar – Gibson SG


  1. HeyySouL

    This may be a dumb question but a lot of the songs I play differ from standard tuning to a half step down so a lot of the time I'm having to re-tune it depending on what song it is. I'm wondering if this is ok for the strings to constantly be tuned up and down and then up and down again. Just wondering…

  2. mikeyg0098

    Marty you rule I had a brain aneurysm burst in my head a seizure and a stroke during brain surgery all within a 2 day span lost all dexterity in my hand had to learn to play all over again and I contribute alot of that to your tutoriials thanks marty

  3. steve01evil

    hey dude, how are you,
    i am mega chuffed at learning this
    thank you brother

  4. nofi4

    hey Marty, could it be, that this song could be also played in standard-tuning? :O
    I tried that and it wont sound wrong or something :3.

  5. Eldon Beall

    Marty, Sounds good on my Epiphone SG! I've been following your lessons for 3-years now…

  6. ShaneyBot

    god dam it Marty, i knew there was a 92% chance you would do this when i searched it up

  7. Raineman 97

    You're awesome Marty! your videos have helped me learn a lot of songs I love, I always look for your video when I search for a how to play, over any other. you're an inspiration to me.

  8. jroxx11211

    good lesson bro, you really break it down the right way. keep up the great vids!

  9. Negative Creep

    You rock, as always. Taught me to play guitar while making it fun. Something about Martys personality.

  10. TK Alvis

    GREAT LESSON MARTY! Β You ROCK Β Keep On Rocking! Β Thank You From SOUTH ALABAMA

  11. Jo Hardy

    Hey can you please do a lesson on I Stay Away, from alice in chains?

  12. Roland Mientjes

    Just a general shout out to Marty: thanks for making this so much easier. Haven't played since the late 90's, where we all still had to do things by ear with cd's and tape-recorders… So tnx man! it's very much appreciated! Makes playing so much fun! Keep it up!Β 

  13. Justice R

    Yes Marty PLEASE do a tutorial on I stay away by Alice and thanks for all the lessons!

  14. autocrow

    You really know your effects Marty. Flanger works great for this. This leaves me wanting more. Love the A in C! Thanks.

  15. QJAndra

    That almost the way my old les paul looked. Mine was all black Omg. The fret board is exactly the same! Love you Marty! Need more AIC though. Maybe some Heaven beside you or no excuses.Β 

  16. kevin platt

    Marty please can we get a good lesson for Mad Season River of Deceit?? None anywhere. YOU CAN DO IT!

  17. Dwight Straehl

    Thank you so much! My neighbors are going to love you for helping me make something other than noise!! I love this tune but it always sounded to hard for me. Never knew how amazingly Easy to learn. Just goes to show that you never know till you try! Again Thank you!

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