How to play Fugue from Toccata (JS Bach guitar cover) tapping lesson (english version)


  1. Gabriel Johannson

    At 48 years of age and learning this was welcomed with open arms, an open heart and a thirst for knowledge. Thanks!!!

  2. Patrick Kish

    Thank you for taking the time and effort to make this video. I didn't get anything for Christmas. But I consider someone presenting the opportunity to learn something very cool a gift in itself. Again, thank you very much.

  3. Highfiber123

    Hi D! It’s me Keith from the Paul Gilbert school. Listening to this one again, great job. Pls let me know if you post more of this kind of work.

  4. Latner32

    Found the lesson. Omg thank you. Thi is what evh always used.

  5. Le Toothpick

    7 ans après la publication, je dis un grand merci pour la leçon + la tab moi qui veux me mettre au tapping c'est idéal !

  6. Seth O'Quinn

    truly great video dude very helpful but uh what about the intro and the entire first part of the song?

  7. jezzatakla

    Vour parlez Anglaise tres bien.Moi? Je suis Anglais et je parle Francais tres mal.Mais,merci beaucoup pour ton video,c'est superbe!!!!

  8. David

    il assure grave ton tuto ! mieux que les bouquins ou dvd à la con ! j'avance assez bien.

  9. Jim Bean

    great playing  theres a bit near the end in the real song that's not there,  Its my favourite bit but its not in your tab can you add it?

  10. David Liew

    Thank you oh so much! this helped ALLOT. And considering your english, it's not so bad at all! My french though is awful (im assuming you are french due to your name)

  11. Frank

    This is exactly what i was looking for,thanks a lot

  12. Mike Furlan

    Very good lesson. This was very helpful and the song is much easier than I thought. Thank you so much.

    Now I just need to work it up to full tempo!

  13. StephLeGratteux

    It's easier with a good delay and compressor, but the most important is the way you tap. With some practise, you can easily made all the notes sound.

  14. lacanciondelacolita

    I think you did a great job. I’m sorry about my ignorance but can you tell the conditions (in the guitar and the gear, pedals) by which the sound is so prolonged and sensitive to make work the tapping just like that?

  15. tzanis video

    Thank you very much for this! Was looking for a place to start playing the classics… metal style

  16. Hellbeast

    You make my video sound a lot like crap. (which it pretty much is)

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