How to play Happy by Pharrell Williams on Guitar with Mark the Guitar Guy


  1. Jeffery Lord

    this is wrong because marty schwartz doesn’t play like that!!! jk ur the man!!! good lesson mate!

  2. Ankan

    Does that guitar sound too amazing?? :O
    So bright!

  3. Bo Reynolds

    I have watched DOZENS of instructors  and I sure am happy I found YOU! I love ALL of your videos! Best teacher online bar none! THANK YOU.

  4. Marc O'Neill

    Everyone mentions your guitaring, but how did you get that voice – cigarettes and black coffee? hope not!

  5. Leo Mkandawire

    Excellent, I love your lessons! If possible would you please see if you can do the same for a song called,"You Are My Heaven " by Donny Hathaway & Roberta Flack? Thanks.

  6. fullonaksh

    Just found yr channel, wth have I been doin with my life, Great clear tutorial thx!

  7. Oskar Wembe

    Great tutorial! Any advice (besides practice of course) when changing from base chords to barre chords?

  8. Nesamalar Satkunasingam

    i really really appreciate this channel and the tutorials. Being a brand new guitar player i have found the perfect tutor. Thank You Mark, dont stop sharing in your amazing way.

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