Lesson 6: “CAROLINA IN MY MIND” – Official James Taylor Guitar Lessons


  1. n0nym

    Can't believe I'm actually watching to James Taylor teaching me how to play Carolina in my mind… Awesome. 🙂

  2. The Grateful Brad

    How very gracious.
    I've been giving free guitar lessons for 50 years, and you just taught more people than I could in 50 lifetimes.
    Hey, if you want a free lesson, James….
    I'm your Huckleberry!

  3. Gio

    James, may God bless you, long life to the king of folk songs, my KIng

  4. Lara Gemniczak

    That makes my heart beat faster. This men inspired me to learn guitar, changed my life forever. I'm forever grateful!

  5. samrdean

    Thank You James, not only for the generous and unbelievable guitar lessons, but also for sharing your talents with us all for so many years . I have played many of your songs for years but now I can learn them the way that you play them. You are truly a national treasure.

  6. Matthew Johnson

    These lessons are the greatest thing ever, your music is amazing, its awesome that you did this and it took me way too long to find these.

  7. Greg Mirr

    After loving all the JT songs for years i finally started learning to play " carolina " ..now it runs thru my head on a 24 hr a day track it's such a brilliant song on so many levels ..

  8. Stephen

    This is pure gold, thanks JT! Future suggestions if I may, Never Die Young & Copperline lessons would be much appreciated. Thanks again!

  9. Agopolis23

    I feel like this song is more technical than Fire and Rain in terms of tonal changes. I love both, but this one seems tougher. 😀

  10. Mark H

    For the first run, it helped when I flipped the laptop upside down for a non-reversed view…

  11. Bexter Z

    My brother and I have always been musicians and raised in a musical home. Our parents have passed away and we have sadly grown apart, but for one night in the 90s you brought us together at a concert in Arkansas. And for me it was so Magical. Your music is pure Zen for my soul. Thank you.

  12. Jason Cavitt

    To those who dislike this video: learning by doing is a proven educational technique. 1) Play along at half speed; 2) rep it in; and 3) come back and click the like button.

  13. max grace

    I am going back home because I am dying to get back home and I am going on Friday and when I am on the road I will listen to you sing Carolina in my mind

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