“Small Town” Guitar Lesson Video (John Mellencamp)


  1. A Thousand Knives

    this is good…but it's too basic, you need a vid. for advanced players…great video for beginners, but for someone who's been playing for 35 yrs…and as much as I like john cougar, I've never owned a recording f his…just wasn't into acoustics…AT ALL, just can't get the sounds out of them like electrics…thumbs up tho, yeah I'll sub your channell!!!

  2. Thomas Curci

    thanks, sometimes the smallest lesson is able to make a quantum leap difference in my playing. thanks for sharing. tc

  3. Ripley

    That sounded great and you explained it so clearly, thanks!

  4. mike o'neill

    Nice to see you posting a few videos here again Jonathan. +1 for counting, this one is quite basic for me (now), but overall if you know the count then you can practice with a metronome as slowly as you need.

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