Start improvising using functional thinking instead of chord/scale theory!


  1. Celio Para

    That's how Joe Pass tought..he mentionned this in one of his REH videosif i'm not mistaken.He said he doesn't think(for a II V I) Dmin7-G7-Cmaj7 just G7 to Cmaj7 : )

  2. Jim Panzee

    I'm loving your videos Christiaan, but I'm a bit confused about certain things. Why do you play A altered over the Eb7? Is it because Eb is the 4th of Bb melodic minor?

  3. Dzulfakir Hamzah

    thanks again for the great work. Question: when you resolve to the temporary tonic do go for the root or any strong chord tones, especially if you're doing crazy substitutions before your target tonic?

  4. Mahesh Bista

    hello there, thanks for the amazing videos. can u please do a video on Gyspy Jazz chords>?

  5. Obiwan Keyboardi

    You’re videos are like gold-dust! Thanks so much for all the time and effort you put in to helping us all out

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