Use the major pentatonic scale to play blues – Major pentatonic blues guitar lesson – EP260


  1. GoneSujan

    Sweet, sweet phrasing Brian. I am often rooted (not punning) in the Major and love how giving the major life as a foundation, lets the minor really pop and grab a pocket, if in fact I decide to mix and match. 🙂 So many wonderful tunes and musicians as you noted — who lean apologetically into the major. Thank you for keeping on. Great stuff!

  2. MindDezign

    Lessons Always awesome
    Please tone settings guitar pedals and amp
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  3. Mark Gorman

    Fabulous as always. Can you tell us your amp settings. Would be great if you could give this info on every lesson. Please….

  4. tie oneon

    that was good info on the guitar normally wouldnt care but that was good thanks

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