Chibson Les Paul unboxing – Jimmy Page Les Paul Custom


  1. TheRichie213

    When you order one of these guitars how do you know if it's gonna say Gibson Les Paul or not? They don't show that part in the pictures.

  2. Dan Bounds

    Got my 59 LesPaul replica today, just put new strings on and plays great. No other setup was needed.

  3. DrPsychedelic

    That looks very nice. I personally would never buy a guitar that I haven't previously played to make sure that it felt right for me.

  4. Dmr45

    Looks like a real piece of shit. Probably sounds like ass. Buy America you cheap fucktards

  5. Andrew Graham

    What a shame you left the logos on! I customized mine. How does yours sound? Much set up needed?

  6. dale starick

    She's a beauty, gotta love new chibson day! A new bridge and nut makes a hellava lot of difference on these things.

  7. ifly65

    Nice chevron book match!  What seller?  2 weeks is fast it must have been in stock.

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