How to play: The Last of Us Main Theme – Guitar Tutorial by CallumMcGaw


  1. DrGHouse

    For anyone struggling ,if you are using acoustic and not classical guitar and you feel like guitar is not producing correct notes,try palm muting(placing your side of the palm on the strings gently,for me it sounds great if I place it near the bridge) .If you don't know what palm muting is,Google it.experiment a little till you find what fits you the best.If you have any questions feel free to ask.

  2. Raunaq Sahay

    wonderful ..but i have the same suggestion as others..please be deliberate. Longer video won't be a problem as long as people are able to grasp it nicely!


    can u re cover this lesson please its not clear at parts especially with the strumming pattern

  4. Trevor Sutton

    I watched so many other people to understand how to play this song and u helped the most, thx

  5. Ghifary Muhammad

    Im sorry, but…… I somehow can't clearly hear some words you're saying, English isn't my first language, and there's no CC

  6. SilverLynx

    I can figure out most of this- but I am curious… what is a slight from 7th?

  7. BlueMoon

    why does he make the screen black, like he doesn't explain it enough then he blacks out the screen so I can't see what's going on? like wtf

  8. Eli

    I'm struggling to follow the strumming pattern from this video, could anyone advice on d – u – d etc? <3

  9. Afzal Mukhtar

    You taught so beautiful that it feels easy now. Thankyou soo much :") love you bud.

  10. Avaveo

    I only have my little sister kiddie guitar to practice lol, I’ll save up for a real one nice vid btw bro

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