P.S. I Love You – Beatles – guitar lesson


  1. A Person

    Great stuff over the years, Thank you. Have you ever played(listened to) Jenny Wren by Paul. It's on the Chaos and Creation in the backyard album. It's a nice guitar song a bit like Blackbird.

  2. Atama Man

    Can someone help me? I've been trying to get this song down, but I can't figure out the strumming pattern. Help please

  3. Misisipi Mike

    Beginners, please note that he is playing a very inexpensive (though decent sounding) guitar. If you are starting out, buy a similar guitar and VERY IMPORTANTLY buy a clip-on tuner and always, always, always keep the guitar in tune. I feel the biggest lesson from this video is that you don't need to buy top of the line instruments to be able to give yourself a lifetime of fun playing guitar.

    Just get a guitar that you can tune and, of course, watch this guy's videos, too!

  4. Dario Melconian

    Your videos help me so much, just wanted to thank you very much, great help. Keep making awesome Beatle videos!

  5. jpm2u

    The magic of Youtube. Thanks for the comment and cheers from Canada

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