The 3 Easy Chords Loop From Our Fender Custom Strat Video – Plus Tips For Looping and Improvisation


  1. Big Ant

    Some of the most tasteful licks I’ve heard. Gotta learn the major stuff. Sorta stuck in the minor pentatonic blues and rock stuff.

  2. geeem321

    Loving these lessons Pete – and learning so much. Interesting variations on regular chords, tasteful embellishments and great suggestions for lead lines … brilliant! Please keep them coming!!

  3. Glynn Anthony

    Viking axe wielders be aware of Dupuytren's Contracture . Seriously. The Viking Disease.

  4. ziggy mun

    Hey Pete thanks for the lesson here that’s definitely a sweet melody also good for practicing your major D scale over. I just bought a 62 CS tele it has the steel saddles not the brass which ones are on that Tele of yours. And what pick ups are on there. It really sounds nice. You know the neck has a lot to do with tone as well. My 50’s CS Strat has the AAA flamed one piece maple neck and it sounds out of this world. Trying to figure out what to do to my Tele to get it sounding better. Thanks again . Cheers

  5. GalacticMarine2012

    Thank you, Pete! Love these teaching videos! I've learned a lot from you already! Please keep them coming.

  6. George Boeckel

    Peter you are truly an inspiration to me. I love how you explain what you are playing. You definitely should put out and instrumental album.

  7. Jay Lane

    Settled down to learn this tonight. Awesome never realized how beautiful the major scale sounds over certain chord sequences. Breaking out of Blues and pentatonics for the first time in years with ironically the first ever scale I learnt. Thanks again Pete. This was a lesson without it being too much of a lesson.

  8. Simon Dunn

    I’ve just bought a looper and definitely going to be trying this out thanks Pete!

  9. Jeff

    Pete love everything you're doing on your own and Anderton's. A while back I thought I heard you mention Ian Stitch "Stich Method" but I've re-watched every video that I think it could have been on but I can't find it. Do you remember and if so can you point me towards the correct time frame? I've rewatched ALL of the videos where you're trying to teach the Captain……….I can't do that again, just kidding thanks

  10. The Hound

    What sort of twisted mind is behind a dislike of something with this much beauty? Likely i would come across them dressed in home made riot gear holding a baseball bat and blocking traffic with some facade of a cause in the works.

  11. Renato Esti

    Thanks Pete! …your videos always make me want to pick up and (learn to) play my guitar!! =D Ciao from Italy! =)

  12. Paul C

    Pete. Great playing but what i really need is you to make a video on how to say "strawberries & Cream" in Danish 😂😂

  13. A J

    Awesome playing and tone as always Pete, Have you ever thought of releasing some of your jams or songs on Amazon? I would buy it without hesitation and I'm sure there's plenty of people online who are thinking the same thing. A.J

  14. Geirmund Sjødin

    I see that katana air in the back! Any videos on the way? I have allready ordered mine, but they keep changing the date of arrival! Do anyone know when they release?

  15. Aaron Adams

    I watched the vid for all of 5 seconds before I went to the description and ordered a shirt. American shipping hurts but I am a big fan of your style and your work! Keep up the great work Pete!

  16. Bill Taylor

    Your Info Is Golden… I Recently Got A TC Looper And It's A Pain… But, With Your Help I Think I Can Get It. Thanks Danish Pete… I'd Love One Of Those T-Shirts !

  17. Michael Bateman

    dude your video's rock! I have a boss DD-500 that has a built in looper and it's a constant battle to get that myself in time on the loop on anything other than 12 barr blues lol

  18. Harry N

    Hey Pete, awesome demo, you have the best looking Tele on YouTube. Love the Baseball T shirt, followed the link to Andertons but I’m a little confused (not difficult at times) over how they have explained the sizing, why not just give it in chest size. Have a word with the Capt please. 👍🏻😎

  19. Clench 13

    Awesome playing has always Pete. Love your backing tracks my friend. Can’t wait for the next edition. Looking forward to you releasing your solo album soon.

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