50 Ways to Leave Your Lover -Paul Simon Guitar Lesson


  1. Spaceman Chewy

    Hi, thanks for the tutorial sounds great. I'm struggling a bit with the order of chords does it go: Emaj/G,, D6,, Cmaj7/G,, Cdim7/G then to Em?

  2. Joe Boomer

    Your mustache is threatening, but I gave it a shot. Great and great. Thank you for a very awesome lesson.

  3. Blues4Winter

    Thank you so much for the breakdown and lesson on those very unique chord progressions. I have a fill in gig this Friday and have to learn this song and this will help me very much to be ready.

  4. Stephen Mc Grane

    Great lesson, clear, quick, to the point….and the chords even named correctly. Rare today. Cheers Gaylerd

  5. Nick Williamson

    Great video. Watching you play and sing like that, I can see something I've never noticed before; the influence of Paul Simon on Sting. I could imagine that song – the verse, anyway – sitting right in there among early Police tracks like Roxanne and Can't Stand Losing You.

    PS: Your singing voice is fine! Don't cancel any gigs if your singer doesn't show up 🙂

  6. Ted Klumb

    Nicely done my friend. Thank you for the help on this song. Good lesson.

  7. Numa Manu

    Good job. I purpose to decover my own version of this magnificent song. You can see my guitar-voice arrangement of it
    on my playlist “cover of english song”, if you like.

  8. Anthony Fox

    thanks, man

    I like your style, and you broke down the chords perfectly

    been playing this wrong for well over a decade. The song came on in the car on the way to work today (I'm a guitar tech), and I vowed to finally learn it the right way

    heck of a Taylor you've got there…


  9. Ian kent

    Thanks! This video is going to allow me to make music with my teenage son who is playing Steve Gadd's part.

  10. Taxidermistification

    Thanks for taking all that time to explain and demonstrate. What inspires you to do such for these ingrates.

  11. pdchr

    Thanks for the lesson!   BTW – the lyric is "I'd like to help you with your struggle to be free".

  12. GaylerdGUITAR

    Well I'm sure the restaurant you play in there in the Detroit area love your playing! Nice chatting with you Dennis. May The Lord bless you.

  13. DennisVernier

    You have a nice singing voice. This is a really good tutorial. I've been performing a duo at a local restaurant lately with myself on guitar and bass pedals, along with a drummer. I decided to work up this song because the drummer is always playing the drum intro part in between songs. I'll need to transpose it into a different key in order for me to sing it, but at least now I have the right chords to start with. It's a very unusual chord progress for a pop song. Thanks so much.

  14. GaylerdGUITAR

    Sorry for the delayed response. we've been moving and I haven't had time to get to my channel. Thank you for very much for stopping by. I appreciate you!

  15. TJShot41

    sorry sent mess. and didnt mean too .mispelled!!!! darn it ! your a good teacher.

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