Beginner Guitar Lesson Videos – Guitar Chords – Barre Chord Tips


  1. David Ciulla

    How do you transition from barr to barr chord. I am having lots of trouble with this.

  2. FatJesus412

    Haha this guy's so funny "is someone breaking into my car or something?" midway through an intense barre chord session.

  3. Paul Hadfield

    hardest part is playing barre chords when standing up, has taken me months, im getting there, but it snot easy to bend oyur hand, any tips welcome

  4. carr0222

    gotta love feeling like you're tripping while learning chords….GET RID OF THAT BACKDROP….other than that, thanks for the tips 🙂

  5. Yesid Ghisays

    @haider0660 Well hotel california Starts with F# so it is obvious that if will sound like HC

  6. BallzBallz

    this helped me so much, ive had my elbow sticking up in the air for some reason.

  7. Greg

    the hardest part for me is getting them to not buzz

  8. Simon Van Den Bulke

    marty is the best teacher ever I guess 😛
    I had a huge struggle with barre chords… one lesson from him and I'm finally getting it

  9. Transane

    @thepricekingsdotcom damn straight!

    reminds me of two days ago… playing guitar for my rents… just jamming out…

    "hey, since when did you get that good?"

    "im not… *stoner laugh* im just inspired! xD"

  10. Woodberries1

    Can someone please help? Like, thank you marty, so much!
    But, your pointer finger, does it hold down all 6 strings? or just the e's?

  11. Transane

    "someones breaking into my car?"

    meh, finish lesson first. then smoke another j. then well see whats up.

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