Change The World, Eric Clapton, Fingerstyle Guitar, Jake Reichbart, lessons available


  1. Jake Reichbart

    An hour long widescreen DVD lesson – also downloadable – on how to perform this arrangement, and much more, is now available!!! Every note and chord is shown slowly and in closeup. No online store, just email me at to learn more!

  2. ojhguitar

    u played it so well! couldn't get enough of that jazz guitar and ur arrangement. gonna add it to my bedtime playlist 😀

  3. madafaka852

    Hey man, whats the price for one lesson? is there a discount if i take 5,6 of them?

  4. CB Scott

    Question : what model is the blue burst Ibanez? Love your arrangements!

  5. Darren Caudill

    I heard this last night on satellite radio, and I soooo much want to learn this from you!! Is there a link to buy this lesson? I LOVE your music, Jake!! I'm soooo glad that I found it!! I'm normally a rock/blues player, but this is just fantastic!! Thank you!!

  6. Adam Hemingway

    This arrangement was so nasty!!! So groovy!! So smooth & jazzy & bluesy!! Awesome job!! 🙂

  7. Henry Lin

    you looks just like my Science teacher, but way much more cooler

  8. Sebastian Bolivar

    How do you make that rhythm with your hand it's like a slap on the guitar giving it a kind of percussion, sungha jung does it too… is there like a tutorial or something?

  9. misslantana52

    So impressive~love your rock song covers so much!
    Keep rockin that guitar Jake~I absolutely love it! ; )

  10. tryonce100

    Very beautifully played. Do you play other Clapton songs? Wonderful Tonight? Tears in Heaven? Layla? Could you please play them?

  11. derick anderson

    marvelous… good timming tempo and clean play..he play proffesional and personally i feel the quality and absolute essence of the song… hmmm he good!!

  12. Moe Medani

    I heard this on my xm on the drive home, glad i was able to find it on yt.

  13. Maris van M

    Nice version! I also sang this song. Check my channel to see my version of change the world by eric clapton! Hope you like it too!

  14. jchapman087

    the two dislikes are from people who have there computer upside down..keep it up man good stuff

  15. Jake Reichbart

    Thanks very much, I appreciate it! Please check out some of my more recent videos for much better audio/video/playing in HD. Thanks again Jake

  16. Bassman

    Great, great job ! Wonderful timing, tempo, and technique and terrific application of signature licks and anticipated rhythms.

  17. Myles Mcleod

    incredible where did you learn to play like that? :0 i'm in a state of shock because it was so precise and beautiuful well done

  18. joseph dru

    jake reichbart , your the best…… i couldnt agree more, fantastic..

  19. Jake Reichbart

    You're in luck, I have two "official – legal – royalties paid" CDs available. The first, "16 songs", actually contains this song and is available on CDBaby. The second, "Long ago and far away", is available directly from me, please email me to purchase your copy. Thanks!

  20. Jake Reichbart

    Your long wait is over, I have an hour long DVD lesson in widescreen showing exactly how to play this arrangement and much more. Email me if you'd like a copy. Thanks!!

  21. millball

    haha sumna bitch, i envy you! i'd love to bang that tune out but i cant find tabs or a good vid that teaches it.

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