Heavy Metal Rhythms thrash fast picking guitar lesson rhythm playing with drum machine and tabs


  1. Steve Vallance

    What’s your opinion on speed? I’ve been playing for years and I recently decided I want to be good. This is a skill I feel necessary to be good. Do you think each individual has their own speed limit? You’re easily twice as fast as I am, is it genetics or hard work?

  2. Steve

    I always wanted to play the guitar but the beginning seemed to slow and frustrating

  3. LaMoyo

    What's the BPM on the drums backing track so i can find a similar one? Please help

  4. Tom A

    5 years late….thank you. I owe you a beer or cup of coffee…but alas, I will go to the website now…your stamina is awesome. It is 2016, and you, Ola Englund, Rob Chapman, and maybe 3 other guitar players have that kind of speed and stamina in rhythm playing.

  5. Tom A

    It took me five years to realize that this type of rhythm playing was happening…sort of embarrassing…I have been watching too much Patrucci and Gilbert…time to expand my horizons…

  6. Ramin Rahnema

    my wrists tend to get tired real fast , is it a technique issue or a stamina issue?

  7. glibbergloop

    Thanks! Been looking all night for that exact triplet picking method. Great vids… I am a fan!

  8. Cold Clutch

    Thanks for the video bro. I've been looking for something new to practice and I've always wanted to play like slayer and pantera

  9. Lucian V.

    How would you go about replicating that guitar sound?? Sounds meaty as fuck. Strings? Pedals?

  10. Aleks Gorlik

    DUDE THANKS,you basically solved one of my biggest problems with the angling tip.
    Now when I practice getting the speed on the basic d/u/d rhythm my thumb hurts on the picking hand,is it because I hold it wrong or because I just started to play faster or just started practicing what you said and it will pass?

  11. Justin Williamson

    This is an awesome lesson! I used it when I was just starting learning metal songs, it helped a lot, another way to build stamina and technique in a more realistic setting would be to learn riffs from hard to play songs, slow at first, then build up to as fast as you can, songs like Metallica's Creeping Death, Master of Puppets, Fight Fire with Fire etc, learn the whole song,of course it takes time to do this, but that's the game, nothings free and easy, you've got to suffer for your passion. Just my thoughts.

  12. Haido Chan

    Good technique but the rhythmic pattern at 3:51 is not a 16th note triplet but a combination of 2 16th notes and an 8th note per beat in 4/4 time signature.

  13. trever pitts

    you guys need better audio  sound of the guitar because the guitar sound is not that great. good lesson but get better sound

  14. MrZergMan

    I'm curious about what you think the best way to hold the pick is. I always have my other fingers in an open position where they are kinda straight. I see a lot of metal guitarists have that curled position though. I've tried to practice with the curled position but it just doesn't feel natural to me at all. However, i feel like not curling my fingers is probably slowing me down and I'm putting too much pressure on my index finger because it can't brace itself on my middle finger.

  15. hawk6111

    Standard tuneing always sounds heavier than shit drop tuned crap

  16. MetalikaPozni

    6:44 sounds like Amon Amarth – Pursuit of vikings 😀 Just you need a 7 string guitar or you have to tune your gitar into B standard tuning 🙂 

  17. troy mccombs

    Dave– how do I play guitar with drums while recording? It's soooo hard to time it perfectly. I used dfh and the riffs are only 110 bpm. But matching precisely with drum loops is very difficult and frustrating for me

  18. Barthandelus

    She Wolf by Megadeth is a good track to play along to to practice accuracy and stamina.
    I find at higher speeds my right elbow seizes up after a while.
    Good video, and great tips.

  19. Karun Ramani

    awesome lesson. Who is this guy how do i get access to more lessons by this guy!?

  20. rajeshthehotty

    Hey, thank you for being a badass. Drums idea was a masterclass. That almost became a concert, a metal concert. Wonderful.

  21. Michael M

    Hey man these lessons are nice but those are not triplets that you are playing, i think you may be misleading some viewers -mike

  22. Michaelz

    Hi Dave!
    Could you please tell which drum machine you are using? Its amazingly realistic.

  23. Randy Russell

    Great lesson. I'm an experienced player and I still found this awesome. I'm just curious to what drum machine are you using, I love its sound. Thank you!

  24. ianyams

    Excellent lesson for us metal learners, thanks very much.

  25. Lydia Hunt

    I love the lesson on rhythm! Whenever people think about playing heavy metal guitar, it's just scales, but not learning how to do them so fast. I tend to have trouble with my rhythm hand sometimes and it encourages me to know that such a good player here, explains it's hard and everyone can have that problem but it's all about building endurance to it. I thought it was just me. 🙂

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