Making Licks Your Own! Lead Guitar Lesson


  1. S Hauser

    Nice vid! It’s very helpful.
    More Floyd (specifically Gilmour) stuff please!

  2. Edgar Salgado

    great vid! could you please do Baby by Tenacious D. I cant find any lessons on it.

  3. Patrikalos

    Do you think you could teach "Fade to Black", by Metallica? Its for Father's day 😛

  4. Garrett Allen

    Can you please do a guitar video on black smoke rising by Greta van fleet? Thanks!

  5. Jose Gutierrez

    Hey Marty! Could you do a lesson on Thorn Tree in the Garden by Derek and the Dominos? Thanks!

  6. boomking54

    Think you could do Cities on flame with rock and roll by Blue Öyster Cult?

  7. SupremeSavvy

    Hey marty! I was wondering if you could do When I Come Around by Green Day please ???

  8. Jay Mohindra

    Sir Schwartz could you please do Alone Again Or by Love, I'm finding it hard and need some Marty breakdown magic.

  9. viterrr XD

    Can you please do a guitar lesson bye neon by John mayor? I've been wanting to learn it for a while but all other lessons are hard. You make things easier

  10. Unknown

    What makes me laugh is i remember last year waiting for a teacher to teach me guitar but no one ever wanted to teach me lol so i got on youtube and saw you and loved how you tought and i got better everyday after school i played for an hour and before bed i would play for 30 minutes! Than i got away from it I'm doint that off and on thing i wanna play guitar for me but other people want me to play for them so i stopped playing it lol well thanks for teaching me what i know now means a lot!

  11. Sideburns Pig

    Hey Marty the channel is just getting bigger and better keep up the good work!! I'd love if you did a lesson on hey by the pixies

  12. Murph

    Can you please make a tutorial for undertale megalovania.

  13. guitarlieMurphy

    Hey Marty, could you please make a video on how to play Fishin in the Dark by the Nitty Gritty Dirt Band? Much love! Keep up the great work.

  14. Joshua Hunt

    Great lesson. Groovy as always. Keep up the great work. Could you do a lesson for Telegraph Road by Dire Straits? Thanks.

  15. Drew Tracy

    Hi Marty! I learn all my songs from you. I was wondering if you could do a video on Freddy Johnston’s “Bad Reputation”. Thanks!

  16. Gary Gnu

    Hey Marty! I'm going to Nashville in a couple weeks. Any advise on guitar shops to visit or good live music hang outs?

  17. Tui Stearo

    Hey Marty besides your manner being infectious, your patience in explaining simple basics is something that my now ex-guitar teacher seemingly thought he was above doing during the 2 hrs a he could bother teaching, so now at 12pm and 5pm everyday I go to guitar lessons with a new smiling friendly, I’ll say inviting, guitar teacher, Marty. Thankyou

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