Online Blues Guitar Lesson: Tommy Johnson’s Canned Heat Blue


  1. Greg Bluesland

    Didn't catch your name mate, my girlfriend is Dutch and she reckons you are Dutch and we like to know the names of Bluesmen like yourself so how about that name of yours.
     Oh yeah, nice video too.


    It's a nice lesson for people who play classical nylon string guitars. Most lessons concentrate on electric. You do good work. Take care.

  3. jrmullett

    I've been using this lesson, its one of the best I've found. You really should do some more!

  4. slackmason

    i like the lesson . would love if you used a guitar with some sort of dot inlay so i wouldnt have to count frets lol but other than that AWESOME

  5. Tim Sullivan

    Yes. The fact that stuff like this is on YouTube gives me a bit more faith in humanity. Thank You.

  6. Logan Flood

    hello, i tried to learn that canned heat blues song from your lesson. please look me up at you tube under pacisablo. leave a comment, i'd like to learn more from your blues, but you only have one lesson that i've found. please respond dude

  7. Bob Heaton

    Great lesson and song,I'm off out to buy me some of that Alcorub….thanks.

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