Ain’t No Sunshine Bill Withers Guitar Lesson for beginners


  1. Tacarra Collins

    Come on with it SiR… this is the easiert "Aint no sunshine" tutuorial I have seen online your an amazing instructor I felt as if I was there with ya thank you so much for this

  2. Muhammad Usman

    That's a beautiful guitar sir, also great tutorial really helped a beginner like me.

  3. R J Mitchell

    Many thanks for this well instructed video Gaylerd, I can easily play this song with your help. All the best from England(UK)

  4. Pierre Fraser

    Very nice lesson, good pacing and clear instruction. Appreciated very much. thank you by the way, what taylor are you playing?

  5. f00ky3w2oob

    You're a genuinely warm & friendly seeming fellow. That's rare in someone teaching 😛 thanks!

  6. R Walkie

    Thank you for this great lesson. Very well done and you obviously put a lot of time and effort into this.

  7. Mohammed Salem

    i am really amazed this video doesn't pop first when i've been searching for tutorials for this song. really it's a great tutorial and these simple licks give it a very nice jazzy feeling thank you very much for this great tutorials 😀

  8. roy raken

    once again I like to thank you for an excellent lesson. Keep it coming.

  9. george james

    hello Gaylerd,  just found your channel,  being an intermediate player,  I love the licks you have really dresses up this song….hope to find more of these examples in other videos or in the future,thanks for your time in teaching….. PEACE

  10. roy raken

    just reviewing this lesson. you added some new techniques  for me to add to my playing of this song thanks a million. note: first timer to your site. enjoying it, will send you a song to play for me later. keep it coming.

  11. roy raken

    great video on this song. one of my favorite tunes. I am still looking for your tutorial on rainy night in Georgia to no success.

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