Diminished Subs, 3rds, 6ths, & Scale Walks on Dark Eyes: Rhythm Guitar Lesson


  1. Dave Brookes

    Woah… wait… what…. why?…. boom!….. so much brain fodder in one video… awesome stuff.

  2. Tim Callahan

    I cheated and got that tough stretchy Dm in measure three through a more reachable x53x3x fingering.

  3. leif keane

    Was the Pickup-Truck single coil?
    So much stuff in this lesson… It'll take another 2 months to digest and assimilate. Thanks: pure gold.

  4. Rikkousa

    I love all of your videos..Especially the ones with such a unique vibe like this one …and the recent one where you featured the tune by Tom waits. Definitely going to take your advice to try a bar or two at a time.

  5. lamgefyoutoob

    What’s your phone doing on your lap? Is that a haptic metronome or just visual? Nice lesson.

  6. Steve Comeau

    Eric, this lesson was too cool for school! I'm going to take a stab at applying some of these approaches to the song "Last Tango on 16th St." covered by Boz Scaggs (written by Jack Walroth aka Applejack). The song is conveniently in the key of Dm. I bet I could come up with a neat instrumental break.

  7. tweed guitar

    Great lesson and sound as always. I have been wondering about your 5f4 Tweed Pro Clone for a while. What happened to that ? Does your Dusky pay homage to an early tweed/blackface design ? cheers

  8. Rdallaire

    Count Basie's guitar player Freddie Green? no biggie either way, great vid! Thanks for your content!

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