Flamenco Guitar lesson TABS | Solea por Buleria #1 Variations | Diego de Oro


  1. einemailadressenbesitzer einemailadressenbesitzer

    Wow, that pace and cleaness of your 16th note arpeggio in the beginning of the video. How to practice efficiently to get that pace for the 16th note arpeggio in the second last variation. Slowy working upwards with metronom?

  2. Rogelio García Guzmán

    Que excelente ejercicio para practicar digitación…arpegios…el golpe de alzapua…oido…muy completo master Diego…!!

  3. Scubaninja100

    That sounds like shit!. Don't get me wrong…. you are amazing, but it sounds like… why would you want to learn that??? It is so far advanced, and if so…. I DONT NEED THE YOUTUBE so why??? Thank you Sir, you are awsome.

  4. Tony Evangelou

    thank you for the free lessons..i was wondering if it possible to play this on the e phyrigian without the de capo on 2..

  5. The White Ark

    Great video and instructions now to learn compass properly thanks you very much Diego 🙂

  6. Ted Zeppelin

    Brilliant stuff sir! Very detailed ,but clearly explained. Best tutorials on youtube.

  7. Xavier Delbruyere

    Hi Diego, is it possible to download or to have only the track with the rhythmics to be able to play with it?
    Thank you a lot for yours videos, I love it!

  8. hamad1979

    the most hard part is the end when you put the Pinky finger up .. cant do it .. its so hard i dont know why ..exactly at 8:41

  9. Victor Formosa

    Hi Diego, I have watched a number of lessons. I think yours are the best, thoroughly explained, but easy to follow, many thanks.

  10. Bill Ford

    As a blind musician I finally figured out that you have a capo on your guitar you say such things at the beginning of your lesson so people would know thank you

  11. Glenn Meyer

    Thank you for taking time out to post these amazing lessons, Diego…highly commendable, thank you.

  12. José Miguel Vives

    Excelente. Sólo decir que los acentos están en 3,7 (en lugar del 6),8,10,12 habitualmente. Un video excelente. Gracias por compartirlo.

  13. Ed Varela

    Buena clase!! solo sobra el cartel de los toros que tienes detrás…

  14. Marvin Hunter

    great teaching. feeling less demotivated to learn Flamenco now. I found it hard in the beginning to adjust to not starting on beat 12 like in Bulerias.

  15. Michael Rooney

    Thanks Diego for the reply about the strings.. i got some of the j46 and they are working out well and will be getting better as i adjust to them…Best, Michael Rooney

  16. Michael Rooney

    greart player and very informative lesson…if i may .. what stings or you using in the Soloia pr bularia video please .. they are very clean and strong…i have been using Savarez Alliance normal tension or D Addario Falmenco J=25 composites but whar you are playing sound not like these 2 …Thank you very much and Apology for typinf…

  17. Nils Holgerson

    Excellent lessons! You are a good player and nice guy for taking the time to upload and share these very complete lesson with tabs and everything.

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