Guitar Backing Track — Epic Metal Jam Track in Dm 3/4 Time


  1. tozzism

    3/4 are 3 movements x1/4 (ta-ta-ta). 6/8 are 2 movements x 3/8 (ta-ta-ta ta-ta-ta)

  2. Si Staples

    This was so great I wrote a song to it. Wanna hear it? It's about a young baby hear in the UK, Baby P. Have you heard about him? I've had someone already say it should get released!!!

  3. Sunderlanding

    You might want to check your music theory dude. This isn't algebra. 6/8 is the same as 2/4. Except one is compound time and the other is simple. 3/4 is the same as 9/8. They aren't really the SAME but they are the music equivalents. This is a slow 6/8.

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