How to Play Sublime “Santeria” – Intro & Rhythm Guitar Lesson


  1. Yobtvayumat Russki

    Thank you for all your help and time teaching people how to play guitar, I greatly appreciate it. Also, could I request a tutorial on San Francisco – Scott McKenzie?

  2. Michael Green

    Love your lessons. I registered and paid as tipper but I am unable to unlock posts for tabs, etc, please help thanks

  3. Rich Brooke

    I have a general question concerning picking: Is it a good idea to let the Picking hand rest on your Pinky? I'm used to it through fingerstyle playing and I wonder if I might get any disadvantages when applying that to flatpicking.


    One of my favorite songs, thanks for the awesome video and breaking everything down. Great video!

  5. omkar sharma

    Please do life without you by srv ,with the iconic solo! I couldn't post the song request on your page

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