[R&B GUITAR LESSON] Michael Jackson’s Rock With You


  1. Gijs Jacobs

    Love the choice of songs!!! One thing tho, the diagrams at 2.36 start on fred 6 and 8, whilst you play those grips at 4 and 6. Love the vids tho, keep em coming!

  2. hakeem williams

    This is my first time ever writing on YouTube but I had to THANK YOU for all your lesson and songs you cover. But I would like to ask if you can ever do Q-Tip "Lets ride" the Joe Pass , J Dilla sample guitar lick. Thanks again

  3. n00ny26

    Hey Kerry here’s an idea. Why not do a tutorial on the progression in your intro 🙌?

  4. Lovely Hyeri

    I thought you would use an acoustic guitar and go totally towards an acoustic sound. The song I love the most 🙂

  5. Chris Walton Sr.

    Dope lesson bro! I been playin that bridge wrong for years!!! thanks for clearin that up for me….. PEACE

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